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Challenging activities in Central or Eastern Europe?

The activities in Central and Eastern Europe of a lot of Danish companies have increased over the past 25 years due to good local business environment as well as cheaper and very qualified labour.

Today, hundreds of Danish owned entities are registered with activities in the Region – most of them with production facilities or Shared Service Centres. The trend is still progressing with more and more businesses focusing on Eastern Europe.

Currently, there are numerous strategically important projects in the Region which have been initiated, managed and conducted by the relevant headquarters in Denmark. However, facing the present well-known tragical situation many PMO’s, stakeholders or simply the responsible project manager based in Denmark are not able to be on site due to travel restrictions.

Consequently, very important projects are now on hold, delayed or simply being doomed.

But it doesn’t have to be so …

Nexus Interim Management can help in cooperation with our Polish partner and our cooperation partners in most other countries in the Region. Globalise is an international Group of professional Interim Providers which can offer the same professional support in most countries around the World including Central and Eastern Europe.

We can very fast end efficiently find a local manager, project manager or specialist who can support the activities and secure the progress of the projects. This includes managers having experience with crisis management and distressed companies.

In recent years, we have supported local companies with several challenges,

  • Plant Managers for several large production plants
  • General Managers for local companies
  • Program Managers and Project Managers
  • Production Specialists, efficiency and LEAN
  • CFOs for various businesses

Professional support and assistance

Our professional support and assistance to our customers continue even with the present challenges. We are still providing fast and efficient solutions for our customers with support from our partners in the region. All our processes are working though meetings are managed using Skype, Teams, Zoom and other tools and we maintain our usual focus on providing quality solutions.

Nexus Interim Management manage most assignments using our database with more than 8,000 Interim Managers. We would like to point out, however, that some of these Interim Managers are living abroad and can be available with short notice if a Danish candidate is preferred for an assignment in a particular country

If you have a situation you would like to discuss with us or if you want to hear more about the possibilities for fast and efficient assistance in Central and Eastern Europe please contact,

Peter Dragsbaek Raun in Aarhus, mobile +45 50 51 30 00, e-mail pdr@nexus-interim.dk


Poul Larsen in Copenhagen, mobile +45 40 56 26 36, e-mail pl@nexus-interim.dk

Regards from the

A Danish industrial company engaged an Interim Plant Manager for a major manufacturing plant in Eastern Europe.

Subsequently, the COO in the company commented:
On a scale from one to ten it was a clear ten. We got everything we expected. The Interim Manager was extremely competent. The great experience and the maturity was a tremendous strength. We will not hesitate to use Interim Management again.